Friday, September 10, 2010

Lets Play Dress Up!

Thank you Katie for taking these lovely photos!.This was such a fun little party!


Here are pictures from a wedding reception I decorated for..It was so much fun!

The Glowing Bride!

Soda and a Paper straw

A few months ago my Aunts finally made the trek to Alaska to see what we were up to and what we found so amusing is this far away land of ours..Needless to say I doubt they were disappointed since in my opion Alaska is the greatest :).
Heres a little welcoming party I had for them...


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just a little picnic in the woods

I had a dear friend over the other day and we decided to have a picnic out in the forest

But it turned into a photo shoot :) Compliments to Katie Bryan Photography

Then we made a grand but beautiful mess while making decorations for a party
                                                                      IT was a fun day :)

Alaskan Sunset

I could not sleep one night so I awoke and stepped outside......
        And this is what I saw.....

A little bit of Hobbitness

On day a little elf and her friend Gandolf decided to have a picnic.......

                       They brought along wonderful things, like cookies and tarts, salads and turkey,but the best of                                                                                       all was the sparkling raspberry lemonade
                                       But low and behold when they reached their favorite spot in the magical forest                  there sat a hobbit!!
                                                           He was a friendly little fellow and they all enjoyed a wonderful time of eating and laughter and they all promised to do it again sometime soon :)

A Whimsical Time To Remember

Me and my friend planned a whimsical tea party for some little friends of ours :)
It was completely magical!

For the craft we had them make little party hats, they were so cute!

The Candy was so much fun to look at and to eat :) 

Pink Tea Party

My mom was the birthday girl :)

It was my moms birthday so I planned a surprise tea party for her. She didnt have a clue and was completely surprised..She loved it! 

The lovely lady we had the shower for
Heres the diaper cake.
 This was the cake for a baby shower that me and my friends hosted. It was my first time using fondant but it was a lot of fun! Despite the terrible mess :)..We stayed up till about two in the morning (I think) working on it. But it was all worth it!